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Episode 25 - The Boo Crew Heads to the Silver Scream with Ice Nine Kills Spencer Charnas!

All month long it’s Trick or Treat with the Boo Crew! Abandoning a release schedule and ringing your doorbell with surprise episodes all October to pack in all of the Halloween and horror magic we can! First up, Episode #25 with Spencer Charnas, singer of the band ICE NINE KILLS. Hear all about their groundbreaking and massive new album “The Silver Scream” out on Fearless Records this Friday! All 13 songs are each inspired by a different horror film. It will certainly become the soundtrack to your Halloween. Check out the band as they play a house party in the original filming location for SCREAM! Visit Spencer’s favorite haunts and fright flicks and as he takes us down the video store aisles with a killer look at the terrifying, immersive world of Ice Nine Kills. Ki-ki-ki, ma-ma-ma!!

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Instagram: @spencerINK | @ice9kills

Twitter: @SpencerICE9K

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