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Episode 28 - Jenn Wexler Packs Her Tent and Heads to the Great Outdoors for Camp Boo Crew!

Time to pack your tent and head to the great outdoors for Camp Boo Crew! Meet your counselor Jenn Wexler who’s feature horror debut The Ranger (on Redbox next week, Shudder in 2019) has definitely earned a few merit badges at jamborees all across the world! Join in fun activities and crafts like mixing glitter with blood, target practice and hiking with severed appendages. Learn about the inspirational and ground breaking collective known as Glass Eye Pix (Wexler //Larry Fessenden // Ti West and more) as Jenn tells her Lisa Frank decorated horror history by the campfire. It’s punks versus park ranger in Cabin #28! Plus the Boo Crew talks outdoor terrors! Bring s’mores!

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