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The Boo Crew Gets Locked in the Red Room with the Amazing Kate Siegel!

On Episode 35, The Boo Crew is locked in The Red Room with none other than Theodora Crain from Mike Flanagan’s genre smashing and terrifying Netflix series The Haunting Of Hill House - KATE SIEGEL! Get a tour of Kate’s nerdroom full of 80s horror props, Dr Who and what didn’t get sold at the Hill House yard sale! Creep around the making of the award winning horror film HUSH that Kate not only starred in but co-wrote. Will the Crains return for another season? Learn the secrets of the groundbreaking sixth episode and take a vacation in Room 217! Then join the ‘Crew as we go back in time for another spin of the Wheel Of The Damned! Get your gloves on for this one....

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Twitter: @k8siegel

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