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The Boo Crew Sits Down with Master of Horror Mick Garris for Some Amazing Stories!

The ‘Crew sits down with writer, director, producer and horror’s unofficial documentarian and archivist...the inimitable legend, Mick Garris! Hear about how he went from working with Spielberg on Amazing Stories, to creating Tales for the Cryptkeeper and Nightmares for Freddy! Grab a chair table side at a dinner with Guillermo del Toro and learn how Mick’s hit Showtime anthology, Masters Of Horror...was started...with a song. Dig up Mick’s role as one of the most famous zombies of all time!! PLUS an extra groooovy “Wheel Of The Damned!” The Nightmare Cinema’s about to start with Episode 38!

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Instagram: @postmortemgram

Twitter: @PostMortemMG

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