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The Boo Crew Feasts on Critters with Writer-Director Jordan Rubin!

Get hungry as the Boo Crew feasts on Critters: A New Binge, the new 8 episode series available to stream exclusively on shudder now! Chew on all the intergalactic details with writer/director Jordan Rubin! Meet the hilarious and terrifying new batch of Crites! Learn the secrets of what went into bringing the iconic space porcupines back onto the screen after almost 30 years! The true horror that went into the elaborate puppetry and practical fx, and take a trip back to the dam as we hear stories about Jordan’s flick Zombeavers by the campfire and more! Then our doppelgängers head to the multiplex to experience the film everyone’s talking about - Jordan Peele’s Us! Find Yourself with Episode 40!

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Instagram: @jordanrubin

Twitter: @jordanrubin

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