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The Boo Crew Grab their Shovels and Go Beyond the Deadfall with PET SEMATARY Directors Dennis Widmye

The Boo Crew grab their shovels and go beyond the deadfall with the Directors of the terrifying new flick PET SEMATARY, in theaters everywhere April 5th! Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kölsch dig up tales from behind the scenes and how they got involved in bringing the famed Stephen King novel King himself refers to as the one that scares HIM the most, back to the screen! Learn about the elaborate set pieces you’ll experience, what went into getting these harrowing performances, the freedom of updating the story for a new audience, and why you’ll want to watch it again and again to discover the many secrets hidden in the film! Also, discover their debut horror film STARRY EYES! Sometimes dead is better on Episode 41 of The Boo Crew!

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