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The Boo Crew Sits Down with the Incredibly Unique and Captivating Dark Folk Singer - Amigo The Devil

The Boo Crew sits down with the incredibly unique and captivating, horror and true crime influenced, dark folk singer, Amigo The Devil! Step into the eerie world of his macabre collection, find out which fright flicks he wears on his arms like badges of honor. Learn about the cinematic and real life horror references found on his amazing new album “Everything Is Fine”, produced by the legendary Ross Robinson, available everywhere now. Then join us in the Speakeasy for a live acoustic set of new songs from the record, that will leave you stunned. Watch the videos of the acoustic performance on our YouTube Channel. Plus, The Crew hikes up the alps to check out the witchy new film “Hagazussa”! Let this episode put a spell on you and possess it now :)

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