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The Boo Crew Turns on their Spirit Box and Summons Television Personality and Paranormal Investigato

The Boo Crew turns on their spirit box and summons television personality, creator, producer and paranormal investigator, Jack Osbourne! Hear all about his terrifying new Travel Channel show, Portals To Hell (Fridays 10/9 central) where he is joined by famed researcher Katrina Weidman as they share their adventures to the darkest and most allegedly demonic places in existence. You’ll find out about the scariest locations they’ve explored and learn what follows Jack home after a portal is opened with a blood soaked Ouija board! Find out what’s in store for this weekend’s episode featuring the infamous Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Virginia, and Jack’s plans for an original horror film! You likely won’t get much sleep after this one...just sayin’.

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Instagram: @jackosbourne

Twitter: @JackOsbourne

Travel Channel: Portals to Hell

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