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The Boo Crew Heads to the Sunnydale High School Library for a Secret Meeting with Seth Green and Cla

Thru our secret bookcase at the Sunnydale High school Library, the Scooby gang is joined by actors and creators, Seth Green and Clare Grant! Seth’s directorial debut that he also wrote and both star in, “Changeland” - is in theaters and VOD June 7th! Although it is not a horror film, it’s an AWESOME flick about the frightful sides of relationships. We delve into their horror firsts and fave fright flicks as well as their petrifying past work in the genre: Clare and her collabs with Clive Barker and Mick Garris to Michael Dougherty and Adam Green! Revisit Seth’s iconic roles in Idle Hands, the Buffy The Vampire Slayer tv series and more! Hear some incredible tales of the paranormal and get a massively cool Godzilla Easter Egg that you weren’t expecting! Get your fear fix with a dealers choice edition of Horror Homework that might leave you feeling a bit..drained! Vampires, superheroes, action figures and unicorns in a jam packed episode 50! Meet us at The Bronze, you’re on the guest list! (Photo by @thetylershields)

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