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The Boo Crew Opens Up the Grimoire and Conjures Up Director, Producer Chelsea Stardust!

The Boo Crew clones itself, crawls out of the goo and begins a ritual led by one of the most talked about new talents in the genre, director and producer Chelsea Stardust! Follow her on her inspirational journey thru the industry from her roots at Blumhouse to her own projects! Hear about what she learned from years shadowing people like James Wan and Adam Robitel. Find out what’s in the slime in her feature length directorial debut “Into the Dark: All That We Destroy” (now on Hulu) and open the grimoire on the much anticipated “Satanic Panic” (in theaters, VOD and HD digital Sept 6th!) - a film influenced by Jennifer’s Body and Rosemary’s Baby with practical fx not seen before by American audiences you say? Join Chelsea’s cult now!

Follow Chelsea Stardust on:

Instagram: @chelseastardust

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