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It’s An All Out Horror Genre Lovefest with Actor, Musician and Creator Shane West!

It’s an all out horror genre love-fest with actor, musician and creator Shane West! Take a deep dive into his obsession with the genre and an exclusive look into his horror punk band TWILIGHT CREEPS who’s new album “Along Came A Spider” is available now everywhere! This band is SO spooky-fun with songs about It Follows, Haddonfield, Night Of The Demons and more. Also, a look at Shane’s time fronting legendary LA punk band The Germs for five years, and his roles in horror films and tv projects like three seasons as a witch hunter in the cult hit, “SALEM”. Dig up his fave genre films and find out how he ended up with a lock of Mandy Moore’s hair! One of our favorite guests of all time! Then, sneak into The Warren’s Occult Museum and the world premiere of Annabelle Comes Home!

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Instagram: @theshanewest

Twitter: @shanewest

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