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The Boo Crew Doo-Wop's With the Wickedest Band in the World - Twin Temple!

Doo Wop Thou Wilt with the wickedest band in the world…Twin Temple! Satanists Alexandra and Zachary James join us at the altar for an ancient Boo Crew ritual and one of our favorite episodes ever. Find out how Twin Temple conjures up their deliciously retro sound dipped in pure technicolor, like alchemy. Discover what it means to be a Satanist. Hail to the horror films they worship, learn about the very real practice of magick, how to keep a bear from eating you during a video shoot, their musical histories, ghost encounters and more! Get Twin Temple’s, self titled, debut album AND latest single “Satan’s A Woman” everywhere now and see them touring throughout the fall! Also part of the dark ceremony, get an exclusive on what’s coming up next for the band. Hail Twin Temple and Hail Episode 59!

Follow Twin Temple on:

Instagram: @twintemple

Twitter: @TwinTemple

Click Here for TWIN TEMPLE tour dates and official merch!

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