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The Boo Crew Plays Hide and Seek with Samara Weaving and Adam Brody, Stars of the New Dark Comedy Ho

Ready or not, here we come with Episode 62! The Boo Crew plays Hide and Seek with Samara Weaving and Adam Brody, stars of the exceptional new dark comedy / horror film, READY OR NOT! The game begins in theaters everywhere Wednesday August 21st and you’ll DEFINITELY want a turn! Find out what makes this one of our faves of the year! Get lost in the beautiful sets, listen to behind the scenes stories of the films most memorable moments all while being covered in buckets of blood! Spoiler free! Samara revisits The Babysitter, celebrate ten years of Jennifer’s Body with Adam and play again and again! Everybody wins :) Roll the dice and check it out now, before and after you see the film!

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Instagram: @samweaving

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Twitter: @Handlebrody

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