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The Boo Crew Grabs their Boomstick and Chainsaw for The Evil Dead: An Immersive Experience!

Grab your boomstick and chainsaw for Episode 63! We read from the Necronomicon and get possessed by Kiko and Erick from Burbank, California’s MYSTIC MUSEUM and GHOST HOUSE PICTURE’S Jose Cañas! Dig up the exclusive secrets behind their upcoming exhibit “The Evil Dead - An Immersive Experience”, beginning September 7th. Become a part of history as you get the chance to see original props never before shown to the public and the truly incredible story of how they were uncovered. Before you can say KLAATU BARADA NIKTO, learn the spooky origins of the Mystic Museum and it’s twin store, Bearded Lady Vintage, purveyors of haunted items, occult objects, medical specimens, oddities, antiques and dark art. Get entranced by a cursed portrait, hang with witches, play hide and seek with ghosts and more at the hub of LA’s horror community. Summon this groovy episode before it swallows your soul!


Instagram: @themysticmuseum

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