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Filmmakers Josh Hasty and Local Boogeyman Discuss the Making of their Movie CANDY CORN with The Boo

Get out that pumpkin and carve up another all new episode of the Boo Crew! This time around we go trick or treating with writer, director, editor, filmmaker and musician Josh Hasty! He’s brought Uncle Boogey from Local Boogeyman Productions who helped Josh bring his terrifying new vision, CANDY CORN to life!! If you are listening to this at time of release, available in theaters, VOD and blu ray today! CANDY CORN is an original slasher film with outstanding performances and practical fx, making it a real treat for the Halloween season. Hear how it all came together, the details of the soon to be iconic music score and the role Rob Zombie played in making it all possible. Make sure to inspect your candy and join in!

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