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The Boo Crew Heads Back to Devil’s Kettle High for a 10 Year Anniversary Celebration of JENNIFER’S B

Come along with The Boo Crew to Devil’s Kettle High for a celebration of the 10 Year Anniversary of the film ‘JENNIFER’S BODY’! We are joined by none other than Jennifer Check herself, Megan Fox! Hear her in an absolutely fascinating convo about her connection to the paranormal, her incredibly deep interest and knowledge of ancient mysteries and archaeology including her personal quest for the Ark of the Covenant! Discover how she became involved in the Jennifer’s Body project, the secrets behind her performances, your favorite scenes broken down, her thoughts looking back on the film today and more. Then we go thru the Boo Crew archives and dig up interviews with the film’s Oscar winning writer and true legend, Diablo Cody and the lead singer of Low Shoulder..Adam Brody! Listen to them reflect on their memories of the film and it’s recent rediscovery. Splattered with facts and surprises about the movie, we hope you have a great a time devouring this episode as we did making it!

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