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The Boo Crew Hangs Out with Haunt Architect Jon Cooke and 'Wrinkles the Clown' Documentary F

We are trick or treating you into October with a full size candy bar of an episode! First up, a creepy new documentary called WRINKLES THE CLOWN crawls out from under your bed this Friday October 4th in theaters and VOD. The bizarre story of a real life clown who started appearing randomly all over Southwest Florida before hiring himself out to people who wish to frighten children. Director Michael Beach Nichols joins us to take you into the darkness of internet lore. Then, special guest co-host, Krsy Fox of the band Knee High Fox hangs out as we are haunted by the architect of your nightmares-haunt maze designer, entrepreneur and musician Jon Cooke, aka Johnny Plague! Find out what goes into making the immersive experiences that you love so much this Halloween season. We talk about his influential deathcore band, WINDS OF PLAGUE and why you cannot miss this years LA Haunted Hayride, if you haven’t checked it out already and find yourself local to So Cal over the next month or so. The Boo Crew has your front of line pass to Episode 71!

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