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The Boo Crew is Haunted by Tobias Forge of GHOST and Aurora of Murder House Productions

The Boo Crew goes into the confessional with our Special Guest Co-host Spider One from Powerman 5000 to have communion with Tobias Forge of GHOST! He talks about the horror movies that influence him, the music that entrances him, the world building of the group and...pancakes! They are out on the Ultimate Tour Named Death across North America NOW! Then we hang out with Aurora, one of the most acclaimed and gifted home haunters. She’s an entrepreneur who created Murder House Productions. Her incredible work has had her featured in everything from Dread Central and the country’s largest Halloween and haunt convention, Midsummer Scream. There’s even a Roblox experience based on one of her haunts! Episode 74 is available NOW!

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Instagram: @thebandghost

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Instagram: @mhphaunt

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