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The Boo Crew Gets Possessed by the Horror Queen of Pop Music - Kim Petras!

Boo’AH! The Boo Crew hangs out with the horror queen of pop music, Kim Petras! She joins us to talk about her debut full length album CLARITY and her new 17 track horror experience, the just released Halloween themed album of fang-bangerz called TURN OFF THE LIGHT! Creep around the studio with her behind the scenes as she lets you in on all the gory details on how it was created! She talks about collaborating with Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark, her passion and in depth knowledge of horror movies including the influence of IT FOLLOWS and other favorites, her love of theme park design, Disneyland and more! Get possessed by Kim Petras and episode 79 now AND see her at a city near you on her CLARITY TOUR. Dates at, including a special spooky Halloween show in LA October 30th! GET TIXXX!!

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