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The Boo Crew Celebrates Halloween Week with TRICK 'R TREAT Writer, Director and Artist Michael D

(Photo credit: Leonard Ortiz)

Happy week of Halloween!! The Boo Crew is absolutely honored to continue the festivities with the creator of what has become an iconic part of the season- the movie TRICK ’R TREAT and the beloved character of SAM! Writer / Director / Artist, Mike Dougherty is hanging with you! On this extra special episode, he delves into the fascinating history of the film, the magic behind Sam, Mike’s obsession with the holiday itself, his passion for the paranormal and his thoughts on a sequel. He talks orchestrating puppet battles in Krampus, summoning deities for Godzilla: King of the Monsters and hints at what’s next! Always wear a costume, always check your candy and always download the latest edition of The Boo Crew!

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