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The Boo Crew Returns to the Overlook Hotel with Special Guests Mike Flanagan and Kate Siegel

Celebrate the holiday with the Boo Crew as we sit around the dinner table with you for a VERY special conversation with two incredibly amazing people that all horror fans are thankful for. We welcome back actor and writer, the phenomenal Kate Siegel! This time she brought along her husband-writer, Director, editor, pizza connoisseur and iconic master of storytelling and the heart of the scare..Mike Flanagan. We are such massive fans of the two. They have been and continue to be such an integral part of pushing horror forward and reinventing the genre experience. This episode is a tribute to their incredible work as we explore many of Mike’s films up to and including his amazing achievement in Doctor Sleep (which you MUST experience in theaters if you haven’t already). Learn the secrets of Rose the Hat, the souvenirs Mike kept along the way and the power of The Newton Brothers! Revisit Kate’s breathtaking performances in HUSH and The Haunting Of Hill House. Look into the future with Bly Manor and Midnight Mass, chat Elm Street, Halloween, pizza and much, much more. Pass the stuffing and feast on a supersized episode 85 available now! Shine on!!

Follow Mike Flanagan at:

Twitter: @flanaganfilm

Instagram: @flanaganfilm (If you LOVE Pizza!)

Follow Kate Siegel at:

Twitter: @k8siegel

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