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The Boo Crew Explore a Creepy Collection with Ryan & Regina Cohn of The Oddities Flea Market

On Episode 87, you are exploring the magnificently creepy collection of Regina Marie and Ryan Matthew Cohn, the New York couple behind the world famous Oddities Flea Market! They talk all about their biggest event yet, Holiday of Wonders, happening this Saturday and Sunday at Villain in New York. Tickets are on sale now at the events page of During this chat, uncover a rare display of death masks, historic medical specimens, taxidermy, oddities and human skulls. Go along with Regina and Ryan on their most fascinating adventures acquiring these items, how it all got started, the amazing things YOU will be able to get your hands on, the films and filmmakers that belong in your curio cabinet and more! Your expedition starts now!

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Twitter: @OdditiesFlea

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Instagram: @ryanmatthewcohn

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Instagram: @reginamariecohn

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