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The Boo Crew Hangs with Award Winning Writer, Director, Artist and Educator Jennifer Reeder

The Boo Crew returns with a second episode this week! This time, hang with award winning writer, director, artist and educator...Jennifer Reeder! Her new feature and festival favorite KNIVES AND SKIN is available in theaters, VOD and digital via IFC midnight on December 6th! Take a trip thru this hallucinogenic coming of age story soaked in music, drama and blood. Experience the powerful effect of how and why she drenched the film in rich, otherworldly colors. Get into the surreal effects, intense performances and the circumstances that created the unsettling magic. Discuss the element of song and the impact of enhancing the lyrics with a sonic sleight of hand. It’s a world where scars glow, t-shirts talk and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs score a movie, on a fresh new Episode 88!

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