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Sophia Takal Joins the Boo Crew to Unwrap Her New Festive Horror film 'Black Christmas'

Get out the figgy pudding and get ready to slay with Episode 89! Acclaimed writer/director Sophia Takal joins us to unwrap her new festive horror film, Black Christmas, in theaters everywhere Friday the 13th! Explore some of Sophia’s past films like the tremendous Always Shine. She’ll take you on the path to revisiting the impact of 1974’s Black Christmas and how she created an all new original experience! Sit down for some milk and cookies while you find out about what went in to designing the iconic mask, building the unique visual world of this film with vintage camera secrets and discuss the power of a PG-13 rating! You better watch out, you better not cry, The Boo Crew is comin’ to town!

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