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The Boo Crew Delve into the Darkness of True Crime Inspired Artist, Singer and Creator SKYND

This week, we investigate the dark world of artist, singer and creator...SKYND. Together, her and producer / multi instrumentalist, “Father”, do something extremely different by crafting music inspired by the stories and crimes of the world’s most infamous killers. Venture into a nightmare of an imaginary friend’s tales of terror to an impressionable young mind that served as the gateway to a fascination with the disturbing side of the human condition, horror films and the macabre. Recount some of the true crime cases that have inspired her-in detail. Follow SKYND on the journey of transforming her mind and bending sound to immerse both herself and the listener into the furthest regions of despair. Learn about how she garnered the attention and collaboration of Korn’s Jonathan Davis, their upcoming festival dates, first US performance, their EP’s Chapter One, Chapter Two and more. Listener discretion is advised. Episode 90 is now live.

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Instagram: @skynd_music

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