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Celebrate a Happy Boo Year with our Review of 2019 with Guests Chelsea Stardust and Mike Mendez

Celebrate 2020 and a Happy Boo Year with TWO brand new back to back episodes of the podcast! Episode 93 is our special look back at 2019! You are joined by two of our most favorite people in the genre and great friends of the show, Chelsea Stardust and Mike Mendez! Chelsea is a filmmaker, producer and director who had an insane 2019 with the release of INTO THE DARK: ALL THAT WE DESTROY for Hulu/Blumhouse and her debut feature, the critically acclaimed SATANIC PANIC (we are OBSESSED!) Mike Mendez is an Emmy nominated and award winning horror icon who is always inspiring with his amazing work including the cult classic KILLERS, THE CONVENT, THE GRAVEDANCERS, BIG ASS SPIDER, and DON’T KILL IT just to name a few! We go over some of our favorite horror films, television and events of the past year and talk about what we’re excited to experience in 2020! Pour yourself something cold and bubbly and hang with us!

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