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The Boo Crew Conduct a Seance with Courtney LaPlante and Mike Stringer of the Band SPIRITBOX

We conduct a seance with singer Courtney LaPlante and multi instrumentalist Mike Stringer of the incredible band SPIRITBOX! Ever since we saw the awesomely creepy and unnerving video for their track “Belcarra”, we’ve become obsessed. SPIRITBOX makes music that is so unique and drenched in the influence not only of genre and horror films sonically and visually but in the paranormal as well. They lace actual EVP recordings thru their music. Hear all about that, their obsession with true crime, fave spooky flicks, startling first hand ghost stories, Canadian chocolate, Cheesies and burritos. Their new single “Rule Of Nines” is out now, they’ll embark on a European tour in February with one North American warmup date confirmed so far. Summon episode 94 now!

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Instagram: @spiritboxmusic

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