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It's a Boo Crew Creature Double Feature with Aaron B. Koontz & Cameron Burns and Brandon Christensen

It’s a Boo Crew creature double feature! On this episode, back to back interviews with two films making huge waves right now! First up - Aaron B Koontz and Cameron Burn’s “SCARE PACKAGE”! Take a trip with them to the video store for an in depth look into the gore and fun behind this insane rollercoaster ride. Find out how to get creative with a treadmill from Craigslist to filming at the Madonna Inn and more! Then, explore the inner darkness of Brandon Christensen’s “Z”! He talks about crafting the unique sonic world, the creature design and eerie artwork that brings an imaginary friend to life. Grab your ticket to episode 138! The show is about to begin!

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Twitter: @cammo101

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