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Join The Boo Crew NIGHTBOOKS Feature Commentary with Director David Yarovesky and Autumn Steed

Fall under the spell of an all new episode of the Boo Crew! One of our most favorite film making forces is the magic concocted by David Yarovesky and costume designer Autumn Steed! From their truly inventive work in tons of music videos, viral shorts and extraordinary mind altering features including THE HIVE and BRIGHTBURN - everything they do is a joyous (and terrifying) shock to the system! Dave and Autumn take you on the journey thru their latest masterpiece NIGHTBOOKS. In celebration of the films one year anniversary, WATCH ALONG WITH ALL OF US in this exclusive feature commentary! Explore the never before heard stories behind the unforgettable wardrobe, set design and bringing this incredible tale to life! Discover countless behind the scenes secrets concepts and easter eggs! David takes you along with him on his initial pitch to Producer Sam Raimi, working alongside Michael Abels on the brilliant sonic personality of this world, overcoming the challenges of creating the whole thing during the frenzy of the pandemic in its early days using VR headsets and so much more! We love these two and this remarkable film and we are so excited to share episode 362 featuring director David Yarovesky and costume designer Autumn Steed for NIGHTBOOKS! Now slaying!

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