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Spencer Charnas of the Horror Influenced Band, ICE NINE KILLS Returns in The Boo Crew Sequel

Don’t “Overlook” this one! Check in to episode 137 for the return of Spencer Charnas of the incredible, horror influenced band, ICE NINE KILLS! Their latest full length release, “The Silver Scream” is being continuously expanded upon thru Spencer’s unique world building, augmented thru cinematic videos, unique merch and more, immersed in a passion for the genre. Each song and experience is designed to recapture the essence of their fave horror films. We talk about all that the band has been up to including some EXCLUSIVE, surprise announcements! Get the scoop on the Silver Scream final cut CD/DVD release, a brand new EP and of course, Spencer’s latest fave horror flicks and more! Dial up some room service and enjoy your slay!

Follow Spencer Charnas on:

Instagram: @spencerINK

Ice Nine Kills: @ice9kills

twitter: @spencerICE9k

Ice Nine Kills: @iceninekills

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