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The Boo Crew are Joined by Actor Scout Taylor-Compton and Filmmaker Rich Ragsdale of THE LONG NIGHT

Slither up to an all new episode of The Boo Crew as you are joined by the always inspiring, fun and incredibly talented Scout Taylor-Compton and gifted filmmaker, composer and visual artist, Rich Ragsdale! At time of release, their new film THE LONG NIGHT is available in select theaters and digital Friday February 4th! Hang out as we talk about cults, snakes, historic houses and more. Break down some of Scout’s most intense performances of her career and the cinematic secrets Rich Ragsdale uses to craft a stunning and unsettling experience. We also clear up sequel rumors to their first collaboration, 2017’s Ghost House and Scout’s upcoming directorial debut! Posses episode 296 of The Boo Crew, Now Playing!

Follow Scout Taylor-Compton at:

Twitter: @PoutyScouty

Follow Rich Ragsdale at:

Instagram: @richragsdale

Twitter: @RichRagsdale

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