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The Boo Crew are Joined by BURY THE BRIDE Filmmakers Krsy Fox and Spider One

Your Boo Crew crawls out of the grave for another all new episode and the return of our longtime friends - filmmaker, visual artist and creator of the platinum selling band, POWERMAN 5000, Spider One - AND filmmaker, actor, composer, songwriter, creator of the band KNEE HIGH FOX, KRSY FOX! We tear open their latest, twisted and fun genre bender, BURY THE BRIDE, at time of release, brand new exclusively on Tubi! Come along with us as they inspire you to go out and create whatever it is that YOU are passionate about, thru what they continue to do with ONE FOX PRODUCTIONS that has taken the festival circuit by storm with horror shorts and features these past few years. Learn about the challenges involved in making this new one, assembling their tremendous cast including Scout Taylor Compton and Krsy herself. Explore the power of a great twist, fun dialogue and buckets of blood in this spoiler free convo! Episode 382 with Spider One, KRSY FOX and BURY THE BRIDE - is now slaying!

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