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The Boo Crew are Joined by Filmmakers Danny and Michael Philippou of the Horror Film TALK TO ME

On an all new episode, we grab the embalmed hands of Danny and Michael Philippou as they possess an new episode of your Boo Crew to talk to YOU about “TALK TO ME”! The most talked about horror film of the summer is in theaters everywhere July 28th from our friends at A24! Hear about Danny and Michael’s extraordinarily humble journey from running one of the most notorious Youtube channels in history, RackaRacka, to their debut feature length horror film! Their unique storytelling, over the top practical gore fx and addictive sense of humor has been on display for years across their insane catalogue of shorts including Selling Riley Reid’s Bathwater and Violent Zombie Fatalities (look em up!!)! It is no wonder you are seeing the love for “TALK TO ME” all over the film and horror community. It is intelligent, deeply disturbing and astonishingly creative. You are gonna fall in love with these dudes and their story! The Boo Crew Podcast episode 394 with Danny and Michael Philippou, is now slaying!


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