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The Boo Crew are Joined by HELLBENDER Family of Filmmakers - The Adams Family!

Your Boo Crew is back again for a second time this week to feature a new Shudder original film that’s a must see this weekend! Venture into the woods with us and fall under the spell of the new indie horror film HELLBENDER! It is dripping with style, it is so beautiful and unsettling. The performances, writing and the eye of the camera are nothing short of masterful. It is handcrafted by a family of four called the Adams Family! They not only wrote and directed it, but they shot it, scored it, created the costumes and so much more! We get into the families history and love of the horror genre, the unique visual personality of this new film, the occult, magic, hear whats coming up next from them and so much more! Come meet our newest spooky best friends and yours, Toby Poser, John Adams and Zelda Adams, three fourths of The Adams Family on Episode 302 now playing! (Photo credit: Bryan Derballa for The New York Times)

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Twitter: @adams_films

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