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The Boo Crew are Joined by Kate Siegel the Star of the New Netflix Film HYPNOTIC

Your Boo Crew returns for a THIRD all new episode this Hallo-week! You are joined by returning guest to the show, the absolutely wonderful - Kate Siegel! At time of release her new movie HYPNOTIC is available on Netflix now! She lets you in on the making of this unsettling and unique psychosexual thriller that is PERFECT for spooky season and will have you gripping the edge of your seat! Not only do we crown Kate the official Queen of Halloween, but unveil the origin of her new title, Sorceress of Tears (which sounds like it would be a rad gothic horror movie or amazing novel, no?) Explore her love of reading, the possibility of her writing some more original screenplays and so much more! Crack open a sleeve of triscuits and kick back with Kate Siegel, cause she rules. Episode 273 is everything.

Follow Kate Siegel at:

Twitter: @k8siegel

Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get podcasts:


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