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The Boo Crew are Joined by Returning Guest, Multi-Award Winning Actor, Director David Arquette

Hellllllo Sidney! On an all new episode of The Boo Crew, you are joined by returning guest, multi award winning actor / director David Arquette! He is hanging out with you for an incredibly SPOILER-FREE conversation to get you hyped for SCREAM, at time of release in theaters January 14th! We talk about the film’s legacy, reuniting with some of the original cast and the fun of bringing new ones aboard. Hear about the magic of the Radio Silence team in paying reverence to the genius of Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson’s legendary franchise while crafting something uniquely their own! Plus, David tells you how he is bringing back Bozo The Clown in an awesome way! Do you like Scary Movies? Episode 291 is calling from inside the house!

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