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The Boo Crew are Joined by John Goblikon, the Ultimate Hype Goblin of the Band NEKROGOBLIKON

On an all new absolutely wild episode of your Boo Crew, death metal maniacs NEKROGOBLIKON have an incredible new album out called THE FUNDAMENTAL SLIMES AND HUMORS, not only is this band exceptional at conjuring up an all out sonic attack of blast beats, grindcore, pop and folk but they have an actual goblin as part of the group. Yes - you are joined by JOHN GOBLIKON. Not only is John the ultimate hype-goblin, he is the host of the hit Youtube talk show RIGHT NOW and best selling author of the book John Goblikons guide to living your best life! Sit in with John just before the band embarks on a much anticipated tour with GWAR to talk about the new album, movies, zoom filters, his day job in insurance sales, the wonders of Chili’s (the restaurant) and so much more! The Boo crew podcast episode 317 with John Goblikon is now slaying!

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