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The Boo Crew Are Joined by the Musical Genius Soccer Mommy

On an all new episode of The Boo Crew, you are joined by the musical genius known as Soccer Mommy! Fresh off her recent tour stop in LA, Sophie stops by the Speakeasy Studio to talk all about her love of horror! She covers her faves from Suspiria to Jennifer’s Body and House of the Devil. Explore the wonders of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and find out the recent horror franchise she’d love to do the score for! She also lets you in on how the horror influence trickles thru her music, including her FANTASTIC and absolutely cinematic new album SOMETIMES, FOREVER - a must listen thats available everywhere. There are some tracks on this thing that legit sound like you are walking around barefoot in a victorian haunted house. She is certainly able to pull beauty out of the darkness in pretty incredible ways. Catch her on tour now this summer! Episode 387 with Soccer Mommy, is now slaying!


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