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The Boo Crew are Joined by the Stars of GHOSTS OF THE OZARKS Tara Perry and Thomas Hobson

The Boo Crew haunts you with a second all new episode this week! Hang out with some inspiring and passionate creators: empowering and multi award winning producer, writer and actor Tara Perry and multi award winning actor of stage and screen, Thomas Hobson! Their GORE-GEOUS new horror thriller GHOSTS OF THE OZARKS is in select theaters, on demand and digital now. We talk about the stunning immersion this experience offers the audience with handcrafted set design, poetic and poignant dialogue, wonderful special fx and unforgettable performances from an outstanding cast! They list the horror films that drew them into the genre and Tara tells you the exciting things her production company HCT Media is up to! Stay out of the woods and find your “purpose”, on episode 297 now playing!

Follow Tara Perry at:

Instagram: @taratarafofara

Twitter: @TerryPerry

Follow Thomas Hobson at:

Instagram: @tommyhobson

Twitter: @TommyHobson

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