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The Boo Crew Attends Horror Film School Master Class with Camera Operator and Director BJ McDonnell

Enlist in horror film school for a fascinating master class with the camera operator behind the films of Rob Zombie, Adam Green, James Wan’s Conjuring Universe and the biggest genre/action films in the world - BJ McDonnell! He is also a producer, writer and director as well, who’s work was nominated for an award for “Hatchet III” and who brought us the incredible “Repentless Killogy”, a short narrative film for the band SLAYER that is an over-the-top gorefest starring a who’s who of the gnarliest talent in the game including Bill Moseley, Danny Trejo, Derek Mears and plenty more! Hear about his experiences working alongside the most notable filmmakers of our generation. Get the scoop on two projects he just wrapped, the third Conjuring flick and Wan’s “Malignant”. Learn how bug spray can ruin everyone’s day in Victor Crowley’s swamp, hang out with Slayer in a blood drenched snowbank and with a blood drenched Hayden Panettiere at a Gwar concert! Sign up for your course in terror now at classroom 110 at Boo Crew U!

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Instagram: @bjmcdonnell

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