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The Boo Crew Battle PSYCHO GOREMAN with Writer, Director Steven Kostanski and Actor Nita-Josee Hanna

Dig up the latest intergalactic episode of The Boo Crew, as you are joined by special fx genius, writer and director - Steven Kostanski and actor Nita-Josee Hanna, of one of the most insane films we’ve ever seen - the absolutely gory and wonderful, PG: PSYCHO GOREMAN, in select theaters/drive-ins on demand and digital January 22nd! Hear all about Steve’s journey into filmmaking from being a teenager taking Dick Smith classes to working on Guillermo del Toro films, the new IT and countless others. Look into the lunacy of being part of the twisted Astron-6 collective, up to helming the new Day Of The Dead series! Then, 13 year old Nita-Josee lets you in on bringing one of the most unforgettable and iconic characters in horror cinema to life...Mimi, working on her first ever feature film and so much more! PSYCHO GOREMAN is one giant, blood soaked loveletter to the genre and is pure fun! Frig off with episode 193, now playing!

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