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The Boo Crew Blast Off On a Secret Mission with VOYAGERS Writer/Director Neil Burger

No you aren’t in a wormhole, it’s your Boo Crew back again for a THIRD all new episode this week! We blast off with writer/director Neil Burger (Limitless / The Illusionist)! His new film is the terrifying adventure, VOYAGERS - in theaters now. We discuss the relationship of science fiction and horror, the influence of classic Universal monster movies and Neil’s love of Bride of Frankenstein. Go deep into space and get let in on the fascinating secrets and research of this unique world he created for this new film designed to put YOU right into the action, developing the score with “Servant”’s Trevor Gureckis and so much more. Episode 218 is a go for launch!

Follow Neil Burger on:

Instagram: @neil.burger

Twitter: @NeilBurger

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