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The Boo Crew Catch Up with GINGER SNAPS Trilogy Actor Katharine Isabelle

The effervescent Katharine Isabelle sinks her teeth into an all new episode of The Boo Crew!! Revisit her iconic roles in The Order, the Ginger Snaps trilogy and a look ahead to the future of the franchise! Find out what she was watching on set during the filming of Freddy Vs Jason and a peak behind the madness and mayhem of collaborating with the Soska Sisters on American Mary and See No Evil 2. Unearth the obscure early 2000’s Halloween/horror classic - Spooky House! How the hell the Fitzgerald sisters were reunited for A Cinderella Story! Hear how you can interact with Katharine while she plays video games surrounded by over 150 plants (!!) and get familiar with her new project NIGHT OF THE ANIMATED DEAD and perhaps her most intense role to date in the incredible supernatural drama, THE GREEN SEA. Also, the Boo Crew is hosting a Q & A with FREDDY VS JASON writers Mark Swift and Damian Shannon this Sunday Oct 3rd at Beyondfest 2021. Episode 261 is now playing!

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