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The Boo Crew Catch Up with Innovative Horror Filmmaker Jed Shepherd

Innovative horror filmmaker, dreamer and great friend of the show, Jed Shepherd returns! After first appearing back on episode 147 with Director and co-writer Rob Savage for a movie that defined a whole new era in horror called “HOST”, Jed joins you to give you an update on all the exciting new projects he has going on! Find out how you can be involved directly in the ongoing horror community on the clubhouse app he created called “Clubhouse of Horror”. We also dive into a brand new full motion, live action and real time, horror video game experience unlike anything ever made before that he is currently building. At time of release, “GHOSTS” will be ready for you to play early next year! It’s a fascinating and inspiring conversation with Jed Shepherd for episode 234!

Follow Jed Shepherd on:

Instagram: @jedshepherd

Twitter: @JedShepherd

Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get podcasts:


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