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The Boo Crew Catch up with Multi Award Winning Filmmaker and Director of THE BOOGEYMAN Rob Savage

On an all new episode of your Boo Crew, catch up with returning guest, multi award winning filmmaker and friend…. Rob Savage! He’ll fill you in on the wonderful trajectory that began after the wild success of his film HOST, that became part of pop culture history in the early days of the pandemic, from pitching to Sam Raimi and eventually getting the script for the new hit horror film, THE BOOGEYMAN, in theaters everywhere now! He tells you all about the process and challenges of bringing this tale, based on the Stephen King short story to life. Get let in on his approach of building carefully curated scares and leaving just enough room for your imagination to populate the shadows. Find out about the absolutely thrilling possibilities of what’s still to come from this innovative and exciting filmmaker and so much more! Episode 386 with Rob Savage and THE BOOGEYMAN is now slaying!


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