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The Boo Crew Celebrate All Things Horror with Ash Costello and Count D of THE HAXANS!

Hey fellow Creeps! Get down with your spooky self and celebrate the wonder and inspiration of horror with Ash Costello and Count D. of the band - THE HAXANS! Be a part of an almost two hour conversation delving in the history of the project, the vintage halloween aesthetic, the songwriting, the videos and holding a residency in a haunted theme park! They get you ready for their SCARY MONSTERS AND SUPER CREEPS TOUR happening all spring with John 5! Hit up for tickets! Of course, we discuss scary movies, haunted museums and so much more! Get obsessed with the absolutely lovely monsters in your new fave band, THE HAXANS on episode 313! Now slaying!

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Twitter: @PiggyD | @thehaxans

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