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The Boo Crew Celebrate the 200th Episode Release at Willy's Wonderland with Filmmaker Kevin Lewis

The Boo Crew has your tokens to celebrate our 200th episode at a fantastic condemned family amusement restaurant called WILLY’S WONDERLAND! Pull up a seat, have some Punch Pop and enjoy the show with director KEVIN LEWIS! Learn about how pure passion for the genre fueled this out of control and fun adventure! Hear amazing stories about directing Nicolas Cage, a love of Sam Raimi and collecting, how this journey came to be, coming up with that incredible pinball machine and building an entire new crop of characters into the horror lexicon! This film and this inspiring chat is one not to miss and we are sure you will fall in love with Kevin’s pure joy and creative spark! It’s a fistful of caffeine to the kisser on your 200th episode of the Boo Crew!

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