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The Boo Crew Chat About the Visceral Terror Trip that is YELLOWJACKETS with Christina Ricci

On an all new episode of the Boo Crew, you are joined by one of cinemas most unique, adventurous and exciting storytellers, the absolutely wonderful, Christina Ricci! Immerse yourself in this conversation with stories of her unforgettable and genre defining work in horror from the essential spooky family adventure Casper, to The Addams Family films, Sleepy Hollow and more. Explore her process, her love of horror cinema as a viewer, as she gets you ready for her new series YELLOWJACKETS that had our jaws on the floor within the first five minutes! Christina Ricci + Juliette Lewis + Karyn Kusama directing the first episode = a gore soaked, visceral, psycho terror trip into hell that unfolds in such a unique way that’ll it’ll leave you breathless. YELLOWJACKETS premieres Sunday November 14th with a new one each week on SHOWTIME. Boo Crew 278 with the awe inspiring Christina Ricci is now playing!

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