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The Boo Crew Chat All Things Paranormal with Pop Culture Icon KESHA

We are calling it Trick or Treating with the Boo Crew! Stuffin your “boo” bucket with new episodes in addition to our regular Tuesdays release. LOTS of spooky fun on the way leading up to Halloween! On episode 357 returning guest and friend to the show, the wonderfully charismatic multi-hyphenate pop culture icon, KESHA! We talk all about her fantastic new hit Discovery+ paranormal show, CONJURING KESHA, now available on Travel Channel! Hear about the things that make this journey into the supernatural unique, fun and absolutely terrifying as she investigates some of the most haunted locations in America. Find out if songs can be haunted, a look at some of Kesha’s personal fave horror films and so much more! Episode 357 with Kesha is now slaying!

Follow KESHA at:

Instagram: @iiswhoiis

Twitter: @KeshaRose

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