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The Boo Crew Chat CHILDREN OF THE CORN with Writer & Director Kurt Wimmer

On all new episode of your Boo Crew (finally), walk thru the corn field with creative genius and filmmaker, KURT WIMMER! His new film CHILDREN OF THE CORN is in theaters now and exclusively on Shudder March 21st! This is such a fun and twisted, nasty film! We talk all about it, including it being the ONLY film in production during the start of lockdown and navigating THAT. Conjuring these just AWESOME performances out of his young actors, developing the sonic journey, camera choreography and so much more! Also we dive into his phenomenal work on the beloved Christian Bale action-cult classic, Equilibrium, putting Milla Jovovich into a comic book come to life in ULTRAVIOLET and some FASCINATING stories in the life of the dude known as one of the best spec writers in Hollywood and the pen behind award winning films starring the likes of Al Pacino, Angelie Jolie and an ever growing amazing list. Episode 372 with Kurt Wimmer, is now slaying!

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